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On Evil

19 Mar

“Know what is evil, however much worshipped it may be.  Let the man of intelligence not fail to recognize it, . . . because it cannot . . . hide its core;  slavery does not lose its infamy, however noble the master.”

— Baltasar Graciàn, Spanish Jesuit (1601-1658)

Not a new thought — rather, a timeless one, as demonstrated by this 400-year-old proverb.  Very similar instruction found in the Bible.  Be vigilant in identifying evil for what it is.


Is Christianity the Cause of the World’s Problems?

18 Jun

I saw the following comment on a fellow blogger’s site, and felt compelled to record my own feelings on my blog.  The comment was in response to a piece called “Keep Your Faith to Yourself” . . . . Only If You’re Christian on http://quinersdiner.com/2013/06/12/keep-your-faith-to-yourself-only-if-youre-christian/#comment-10959

The comment from the reader is a bit off topic, but it evoked a strong response from me anyway, and I thought I’d give the comment and my feelings about it here.

 This is the reader’s comment:

“This won’t get published because you can’t allow reality in here, but I have to point out that you aren’t getting any sympathy from the atheists that you (christians) have been pissing all over for centuries, even in a country where it is supposedly not legal. In the broader scale of justice, you guys need a pretty good kicking around for things like the Spanish Inquisition and the other brutal theocratic destruction you have perpetrated on everyone else, the the [sic] chances of that happening (and the REAL injustices being righted) are about the same as me winning the lottery.”

 My “response” to this comment:

Real Christians acknowledge the failings of men in power to embrace the true mission of the Christian Church at many points throughout the last 2000 years, and Christians use those lessons to try to protect themselves and the church from being similarly misled.

In the same manner, I hope that it is as easy for you to see the great blessings that Christianity has brought to civilization (particularly Western civilization) through the centuries as it is for you to see Christianity’s mis-applications.  It is a religion that has brought positive hope, comfort and purpose to billions of people throughout the world and across the ages, and continues to do so today.

Embrace your “reality” if you want to, but understand (and I’m sure you do) that the Christ’s teachings run directly counter to horrible, brutal episodes within the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the Protestant/Catholic “wars”, and even in less pervasive, but still disturbing, incidents today.

Every ideology [or philosophy, or theology] that is good at its core can be twisted by bad men into something ugly. However, atheism troubles me as an ideology that, almost by definition, lacks even a coordinated, guiding moral core, and, when taken to its logical conclusion, suggests that man is nothing more than an accidental creation of nature that, in “reality”, has no more reason/right to live or die than an ant.  We see this sort of disrespect for human life time and again, across the globe, through the ages – even WITH dominating religions of peace and love and respect.  Imagine what horrors would prevail if atheism was the dominant ideology, and the only reason to keep people alive was because they were useful to us.

This scary thought is perhaps not a good reason to create systems of gods and eternities out of thin air (or maybe it really is), but I am very glad that God led me from that amoral atheistic never-land into a reasoned acceptance of the truth within Christianity.