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Media Lackeys at Work Again in Middle East

17 Jul

Is anyone besides me totallysick of seeing news broadcasts highlighting the death and destruction in Gaza caused by Israeli bombs?  I am so mad I could spit (whatever that really means).  This is the national and international media at its very worst.

Who is it that does not know that the death and destruction stops as soon as Hamas stops firing rockets from Gaza into Israel?  What idiot does not know this?

What idiot does not know that this death and destruction in Gaza is caused, and encouraged, by the victims’ own people?

What idiot does not realize that the Gaza-based terrorists do not care one whit about the lives of their own people?  In fact, they rejoice when new “martyrs” are created and reported on across the world?

All that is necessary for such hideous occurrences to stop is for Hamas to stop shooting rockets from Gaza into Israel.

THIS is the story I want to see emphasized on the news — the story of how this bombing of Gaza can be brought to a close.  Right now.  Today.  Probably within the hour.