What Speech Does the 1st Amendment Protect?

1 Dec

After giving us several good examples exemplifying how ridiculous the “Word Police” have gotten in censoring our speech in order to prevent offending anyone, Two Heads Are Better Than One ends a recent blog with this question and bit of wisdom.

From “thabto.wordpress.com”:

. . . . When did the schoolyard saying about sticks-n-stones cease being operative? In a free society, when did the responsibility for dealing with a perceived “offense” land on the offend-er, rather than where it belongs: the offend-ee?

I’m reminded once again of Kathy Shaidle’s call for us to all undergo ‘Insensitivity’ Training [illero insertion: As opposed to SENsitivity training]:

“…The only sort of free speech that matters is the sort that offends some people somewhere… I think that in any well-functioning democracy it is incumbent on all citizens to grow a thick skin…”

Until we all learn to do just that, the Word Police will continue on their current path, limiting and controlling more and more of what is “acceptable” in polite society to discuss.

[End of excerpt]

What a great statement by Ms. Shaidle!  We need to ALL ponder this practical interpretation of the First Amendment.


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