On the Art of Debate? I Seek Your Input

1 Jul

I got caught up in an exchange with someone on Facebook, and wondered what some of you might think about it.  I would really like to know if you feel I was overbearing, rude, or inappropriately insistent.

The primary posting, which was from a third person, made the somewhat ironic/sarcastic point that while the administration can track and analyze billions of e-mails, phone calls, etc., of normal American citizens, how can it be that, eight months after Benghazi, we still can’t get the relevant communications from the government?

I posted the first comment, below, and it goes on from there.  [Name of correspondent changed to protect the innocent]

Me:  .  .  .  or records on who did what with regard to the IRS targeting, or records on who authorized “Fast and Furious”, or . . . .

Joyce:     or George Bush’s military records…gov has been dysfunctional for decades. Don’t kid yourself into thinking this is an “Obama thing”

Me:   Oh . . . thanks . . . I forgot . . . OR Obama’s education records . . . . Government has indeed been dysfunctional (at least somewhat) for decades, but it’s the rate of acceleration of the dysfunctional state under Obama that scares me.

Joyce:    Is that what really scares you? I do wonder…..

Me:     Sorry, Joyce . . . . what do you wonder? Are you about to play that last-ditch-effort card that liberals often fall back on when their arguments fall apart? And, yes — I believe every American should be afraid for the future prosperity and freedom of this nation.

Joyce:     I think you need to relax, Doug. 2016 will be here before we know it and you and all the others will have the opportunity to make change. And hopefully you will not try so hard to keep this country divided. But you guys seem to have your shorts in a knot every moment of every day….must be exhausting. Today is a beautiful day – go do something fun and forget about politics for a few hours. Have a good day!!

Me:    We’ll try to get many important changes made in 2014, not 2016.  Again, it seems obvious that dissenting with your position is interpreted by you as “try[ing] hard to keep this country divided”. Too many people are out enjoying the sunshine while we are being led by Democrats and Republicans alike down a path to national bankruptcy — financially and morally. We conservatives are trying to unite the country behind ethical and constitutional republican principles, not divide it. The principles that made us the greatest, most prosperous, and most generous nation the world has ever seen.  God bless you.


What I would really like is some feedback on my attitude.  Rude and crude?  Condescending?  “Fair and Balanced”?  Not strong enough? 


2 Responses to “On the Art of Debate? I Seek Your Input”

  1. Dapper Dan July 2, 2013 at 10:35 pm #

    It’s tough in conversations like that to be 100% civil. But as far as I can see you were quite civil. But I also agree with you so maybe I’m biased.

    • illero July 3, 2013 at 1:55 pm #

      Thank you, Dan, for taking the time to give me your opinion. I figure that doing a sanity check every now and then is a good thing, especially since I know that sometimes I can insert emotion into my blogs or responses. Much appreciated!

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