“An abject failure of imagination . . .”

5 Jun

Not always a fan of Michelle Malkin — she seems sometimes like a rabid dog on the attack.  On the other hand, it very often feels as though she is right on target.  In an essay describing her concern about the “unauthorized” iris scans of students that occurred recently, she made the following statement that I thought was so well said that I would repeat it here.  These days, it seems to apply to literally dozens of scenarios.

She said:

“Those who scoff at us ‘paranoid’ parents for pushing back at Big Brother in the classroom suffer from an abject failure of imagination about government tyranny.”

I love this statement — “an abject failure of imagination about government tyranny”.

Doesn’t this just perfectly sum up our frustrations with regard to all those who think conservatives are simply “overreaching” in their pursuit of truth re:  Benghazi, the IRS, targeted journalists, Fast and Furious, do-nothing gun control bills, alternative energy, etc., etc. [see my former posts on “overreaching].

And our frustrations in regard to all those low-information voters out there who continue to find it impossible to believe that the Obama Administration would do anything that would erode our liberty?

They have “an abject failure of imagination about government tyranny”, and one day we will slip over an edge from which there is no return.  But we will be “safe” — safe in the arms of an overprotective government that wants to direct our every move and thought.


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