Another Way of Looking at Gun Control

10 Jan

Our Constitutional right to bear arms creates a condition within our country that allows more gun violence than might be found if we had very strict gun controls.  Some would argue with this, but I believe this to be true.  Our gun murders per 100,000 people compares favorably only with “developing” nations, extremely poorly up against “developed” nations.  While I believe that declining senses of right and wrong in this country are the main issue behind these statistics, the situation is still serious, and is related to the availability of guns.

HOWEVER – Because the Founding Fathers’ reasoning behind the 2nd Amendment was to ensure liberty against tyranny (not to permit hunting or to defend our homes against criminals), there is a built-in risk to maintaining this check on usurpation by Hitler-like individuals – the risk of lives violently and unexpectedly snuffed out by murderers, premeditated or not, and by accidents.  [See my posting on 1/2/13, “Why the 2nd Amendment]

This is sad, but foundational.  We must either deal with the moral character of our nation to reduce murders, or we must formally – BY THE PEOPLE – amend the 2nd Amendment.  And even if we amend the 2nd Amendment, without dealing with declining morality we will be sorely disappointed with the results.

If you think about it, the right to bear arms, and the possible cost of allowing widespread ownership of guns in our society, is not THAT different from other dangerous things we allow, even encourage – most notably, when we consider that 100 people every day – men, women, children — are meeting violent, unexpected, and untimely deaths on our highways.  Every day.  In fact, children are 14 times more likely to be killed in an auto accident than by a gun.

We hardly ever even think about this any more – the media only report the most bizarre or multiple-death car accidents on a national scale.  With modifications, we have come to accept that the automobile is so important to us that we are willing to see young mothers, young fathers, and children destroyed on our highways every hour, every day.

But even more fundamental than our “belief in” cars as necessary items that daily cause many very bad and sad things to happen, our belief in an armed populace is bedrock constitutional in protecting our very right to OWN automobiles, to practice free speech and religion, to move freely throughout our nation, etc. – in spite of the fact that some violent killings are facilitated by the very arms that ensure these freedoms.

It is a cost of preserving our way of life.  We should try to reduce that cost, just as we have tried to reduce traffic deaths – by building safer autos and guns and by “building” safer people – not by removing autos and guns from the marketplace and risking our freedoms.


2 Responses to “Another Way of Looking at Gun Control”

  1. Joseph Edward Wages January 11, 2013 at 11:19 am #

    Good points. And, I would add that a look at total violent death rate comparisons do not show the US greatly less civilized than other countries. And, just for everyone’s information, though I am not volunteering, I think I prefer to be shot to death than to be bludgeoned or hacked to death.

    I do in my heart believe that were it not for the freedoms enshrined in the constitution of the United states, including in the second amendment to the same, there would be no freedom anywhere in the current world. (You do remember Adolph, Tojo and Mussolini don’t you)

    And, just a final shot at the libs who can wax hysterical about highly publicized shootings, they show no concern about the millions of innocent lives annually snuffed out in the abortion clinics, even those who have their brains vacuumed out when partially birthed. In fact they are generally supportive of the “freedom to choose”, aka murder, of the innocents.

    A complete non-sequitur that alarms me is the number of kids in my area killed or injured while trying to board school buses.

    • illero January 11, 2013 at 2:39 pm #

      Another blogger took your point of “libs who can wax hysterical”, and pointed out that the segment of those libs firmly entrenched in Hollywood have the gall to “wax hysterical” about killings by gun, while at the same time flooding the market with “shoot-em-ups”, including a gory thing nominated for awards this year, Django Unchained”. Where is the liberal outrage about such productions?

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