There Oughta Be a Law! Fiscal Cliff Bill Revisited

4 Jan

Another mishmash bill (so-called “Fiscal Cliff” avoidance) gets passed by Congress without our elected officials having a chance to read, much less debate/modify, the rotten mess.  There just ought to be a LAW that states that NO bill is to be voted on in either house of Congress without having allowed at least 48 hours for review and comment.  Period.

And I may not like Boehner’s probable motives for delaying a vote on the Hurricane Sandy aid bill, but I agree with holding off on it until we understand what’s in it.  If the immediate purpose is aid to victims, then – doggone it (you just know I wanted to say something considerably harsher) – the bill ought to be just about aid to victims, not about building infrastructure to lessen the impact of future disasters, and certainly not about unrelated, or loosely related, pork.

What am I missing?


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