Let’s Hear It for Gun Control!

18 Dec

I am not a rabid fan of guns.  But I do own some, I enjoy shooting them, and, yes, I even use silhouette targets when I go to the firing range.

I swing back and forth in my understanding of the Second Amendment, sometimes interpreting it in the light of “necessary”, “well regulated militias” (which don’t really exist anymore), and sometimes in the light of individual, and not “State” “security” considerations.

However, regardless of how I feel about it, I am reasonably certain that several things will result from federal gun control laws:

1.  They will increase the federal bureaucracy;

2.  The implementation will be inefficient;

3.  They will address the wrong symptoms;

4.  They will, therefore, execute the wrong solution;

5.  They will, therefore, be largely ineffectual;

6.  They will be expanded.

God help us.  We have a growing sickness within our society – a sickness that stems from becoming progressively inured to violence and amorality.  Many influences have been mentioned by columnists, pundits, radio and TV hosts, educators, psychologists, theologians, and dopey politicians (I know that is a redundancy), etc., and they are probably all factors, with a cumulative effect.

I personally think the solution begins by re-emphasizing the importance of family in assuring our nation’s moral and cultural strength and prosperity, and re-instituting shame in bearing children out of a family environment.  But, although millions of Americans might agree, I have near-zero confidence that we will regain our family-focused footing without some cataclysmic national event (probably national bankruptcy) taking place first – and even then, the outcome could go off in any number of ways.


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