Why, Why, Why? EVERYone Seems to Know

9 Nov

Why did the Republicans lose the presidential election, when it SEEMS so obvious that Obama has done a crummy job of managing the country and economy?  So far, we have heard a hundred different contributing reasons.

Problem: To one extent or another, all the expressed reasons contributed to the loss.  Dominance of mass media support for Obama — yes.  Immigration policy — yes.  Democratic attacks and lies — yes.  Misinformation re: education — yes.  Barak and Michelle are black — yes.  Obama is perceived as “cool” — absolutely.  Romney looks “stiff” — yes.  Perception of Republicans as the party of the rich — yes.  Hating 47 %-ers — yep.  Being against the poor — that’s us.  Hate women — yep.  Entertainers “singing” the praises of Obama — yes.  People loving Dems for give-aways — yes.  Republicans unable to take offensive, always acting/speaking defensively — yup.  Dems used technology better — yes.  Rabid positions on abortion — yup.  Unexpectedly high turnout of Dems, lower turnout of Reps — yes.  Obama first response to Hurricane Sandy — yes.  Chris Christie’s response to Obama’s response to Sandy — absolutely.

Even pro-Obama slants to TV dramas and sitcoms — yes-yes.

And you can add more, I’m sure.  The impact of some of these factors has been underestimated, and for some the impact has been overestimated.  Who knows where the “truth” lies.

Here’s what I think.  I think Americans are so pliable and impressionable that virtually anything will affect at least some small group of people.  And cumulative small effects add up to large effects.

I would even guess that the use of “blue” as representative of Democrats and “red” as representative of Republicans affects the vote of some number of Americans (blue is a more friendly color than red — and China and the Soviets were called the Reds — “boo” on red).

Sound cynical?  Sorry.  My faith in the American people making decisions based upon rational consideration of national and international current and future issues and conditions is at a new low — which I didn’t think was possible.

And I’m not just speaking of Democrats . . . .



3 Responses to “Why, Why, Why? EVERYone Seems to Know”

  1. Ed McLaughlin November 12, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    My thoughts on how the Republicans lost a can’t loose election. I like Mitt Romney and believe he would have been a great manager of our economy but he was not our best candidate. The country is opposed to Obamacare but probably because of Romneycare he did not make this the centerpiece of the campaign that it should have been. I like Paul Ryan but he was not as strong a candidate as Rubio would have been. They never after the firt week used Ryan’s strengths. Rubio would have caused the ticket to at least carry Florida and would have added at least a few points to the Hispanic total. He would have eaten Biden for lunch in the debate. I don’t think “comprehensive immigration reform” was a significant factor. After all you can’t be much more pro “reform” than McCain or W and they did not massively win Hispanics. Romney allowed a venomous campaign to be waged against him with little counter punching. He characterized Obama as a good a decent but misguided man. He should have gone much more negative (negative campaigns work and one can be negative and truthful….Obama was negative but untruthful). Libya should not have been treated so lightly. It is inconceivable to me that Romney could get 3 million less votes than such a flawed candidate as McCain…. only a poorly planned campaign could do this.

    • illero (Doug) November 12, 2012 at 10:44 am #

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Ed. Again, I’m sure all of the above were contributing factors. But they do kinda all come down to your last statement, don’t they? A poorly planned [and executed?] campaign.

    • illero November 12, 2012 at 4:25 pm #

      Thanks for your response, Ed. I’m sure “all of the above” had SOME impact. You may have summed it up best, though, at the end — a poorly planned [and executed?] campaign. Once again.

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