“Truth or Consequences” — Lies with No Consequences?

1 Nov

“During an age of near-universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act, often punishable by excoriation, imprisonment, or even by death.”

Some attribute a statement something like this to George Orwell, but serious researchers don’t seem to be able to find anything like it in his writings.  However, not knowing the actual author doesn’t make it untrue.

It may be my imagination, but we seem to moving more and more into a world where lies and deceit are becoming the expectation, and hard truths are few and far between — sometimes because the unvarnished truth does not serve to promote the agenda of the speaker/writer, and sometimes because we fear to boldly present the truth because of the expected backlash from ideologues or the PC Police.

And who will now believe us even if we DO boldly present the truth?  Isn’t this the proof of the problem — that there is so much deceitfulness in the land, and the world, that we now can’t fully believe ANYone with whom we are not intimately acquainted?

Sad day at Black Rock when we cannot trust any of our leaders. pundits, MSM announcers, and others whom Americans tend/want to hold in high esteem to “give it to us straight”.  I believe it seriously undermines the  very foundation and character of our culture.

And we should NEVER accept lies and deceit as the new norm — we should call them out whenever, and wherever, we find them.

On the larger stage, what difference does it make if we elect someone who “saves America”, if we have become so morally bankrupt that we are not really worth saving as a people?


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