An “October Surprise” Yet to Come?

29 Oct

I suppose I am among those cynics who believe that we are likely to see another rabbit pulled out of Obama’s hat in the last several days leading up to the election.  I hate to feel that way, but Democrats have done that leading up to other presidential elections (maybe Republicans, too, but I have no specifics on that).

For that matter, I still haven’t gotten a good explanation of how the unemployment rate could have come down so dramatically last month on the strength of such a lackluster number of new jobs.

It has been suggested that Obama will claim a major step forward in negotiations with Iran.  I might also expect an announcement of some sort of domestic “deal”.  Opening the floodgates for oil and natural gas?  Release oil from the reserve to drive the price down suddenly?  Announce a new forgiveness program for student loans?  Some supposed “dirt” they are holding regarding Romney and/or Ryan — whether true or not?

What is your thought?


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