Notes from the Pen of C.S. Lewis

25 Sep

I’ve been rereading some of C.S. Lewis’s essays recently.  Lewis, of course, was the brilliant Christian apologist, author of such classics as Mere Christianity,  Screwtape Letters, and many other thought-provoking books.  He also was the author of The Chronicles of Narnia novels.  Lewis even wrote a science fiction trilogy, referred to, apparently without much originality, as Space Trilogy.  He died just about 50 years ago.

I thought I would post some passages that particularly resonate with me.  [Emphasis is mine]

“In the parable [of the lost sheep], it was the one lost sheep that the shepherd went in search of; it was not the only sheep in the flock, and we are not told that it was the most valuable – save in so far as the most desperately in need has, while the need lasts, a peculiar value in the eyes of Love.”


“We are in no position to draw up maps of God’s psychology, and prescribe limits to His interests.  We would not do so even for a man whom we knew to be greater than ourselves.  The doctrines that God is love and that He delights in men, are positive doctrines, not limiting doctrines.  He is not less than this.  What more He may be we do not know; we know only that He must be more than we can conceive.  It is to be expected that His creation should be, in the main, unintelligible to us.”

“What we must do, which road we must take to the fountain of life, we know, and none who has seriously followed the directions complains that he has been deceived.”


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