Let’s Face It — Romney Blew It

19 Sep

I perceive Romney’s “47%”  statement to be an inexcusable mistake on his part — an exaggeration of extreme order, not representative of what a presidential candidate should mess up.   In fact, something I might expect of Obama – but NOT of e seasoned businessman, someone who should be used to identifying the twisting of numbers.

And if I wasn’t so sure that it was just plain unthinking ignorance on his part, I would be insulted that my candidate just dissed millions of people out there on non-taxed retirement incomes, on disability incomes, low-income students, part-time workers raising kids, and those who are just between jobs searching hard for work that will support their families.

As it is, I’m just embarrassed and disappointed.

What in the world is the problem with us Republicans?  We have all the ammunition in the world to blast away all the arguments of the Democrats, and we just slog along with the worn-out “Are you better off . . . .” rerun.  Is that all the imagination, all the drive, all the outrage we can muster at the misrepresentations of the Democrats?  We have to misrepresent right back?

May God save us.


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