Why Is This Universe So Darn Big?

5 Sep

I used the following as a response to another blogger’s post, but then decided to go ahead and post it on my own blog, as well. 

I was recently rereading C. S. Lewis’s essay called “Dogma and the Universe” In responding to modernists who assailed Christianity partly on the grounds of the vastness and hostility of space versus the smallness and insignificance of the earth, Lewis wrote the following, which I found interesting:

“If we use the vastness of space and the smallness of earth to disprove the existence of God, we ought to have a clear idea of the sort of universe we should expect if God did exist.  .  .  .

 “If the world in which we found ourselves were not vast and strange enough to give us Pascal’s terror, what poor creatures we should be.  .  .  .  I do not see how we could have come to know the greatness of God without that hint furnished by the greatness of the material universe.  Once again, what sort of universe do we demand?  If it were small enough to be cosy, it would not be big enough to be sublime.  If it is large enough for us to spread our spiritual limbs in, it must be large enough to baffle us.  Cramped or terrified, we must, in any conceivable world, be one or the other.  I prefer terror.”

 Of course, Lewis is NOT a man of few words, and the 9 page full essay can be found in “God in the Dock – Essays on Theology and Ethics” – for those who want to slog through the entire discussion.


2 Responses to “Why Is This Universe So Darn Big?”

  1. M. Rodriguez September 20, 2012 at 11:37 pm #

    good quote but the answer to the quote is simple….Perfect

    • illero September 21, 2012 at 7:28 am #

      Thanks for visiting and responding. One thing we can be sure of – no matter what mysteries are presented to us, no matter how small our understanding, no matter what contradictions we may see, feel, or hear, there is a thread of perfection through it all. And, as Lewis suggested, we should not expect to have a perfect understanding of it all – that is reserved to Him.

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