Should It Really Be “Game Over” for Akins?

30 Aug

I’d like to ask when it became more acceptable to vote for a liar and a thief (the essence of the charges against McCaskall) than to vote for someone who is simply ignorant in one particular subject area. 

What does it say about our society if the voters are less outraged by a significant lack of ethical behavior than by a display of ignorance about rape?  It’s not like Akins, as Senator, can single-handedly effect any change to the law of the land that will fit his [previous?] understanding of rape vs legitimate rape vs pregnancy odds, etc. 

 As long as Akins’ weird belief is buried in a body of 100 senators, I’m not too worried.  I’ll bet a lot of those jokers up there have some beliefs that would literally shock us. 

 And what about all the seniors out there who still believe that a Romney-Ryan administration will take away their Medicare?  Are they being any less ignorant than Akins?  It seems there is plenty of ignorance to go around – including my own, no doubt.

 It’s also kind of like Romney and Mormonism.  A lot of “ignorant” people say they will not vote for a Mormon, and most people are completely ignorant of what Mormonism really is – including those who won’t vote for one.  On the other hand, most of us realize that even if we can’t support Mormonism as a mainstream Christian faith (not that they want to be considered mainstream), a President Romney would not have the power to try to convert America to Mormonism from the White House.

By the way, I saw where one essayist asked a “fair and balanced” question in an anti-Akins piece:  If the probability of pregnancy is basically the same when raped as when consensually having sex, why do doctors recommend that women who are having trouble conceiving try to relax more during intercourse?  Are those doctors nearly as ignorant as Akins?


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