And the Palestinian Authority Wants Formal Recognition?

15 Aug

Apparently, the Palestinian Authority (PA) can’t pay its electric bills.  This is the group that wanted the UN to grant it formal statehood.  And it not only cannot pay its electric bills, but the fault is that of countries that have not provided the aid packages that they pledged.


 And the PA wants statehood?  What are they doing internally to show that they are ready for consideration as an independent “state”?

 The entire report from Jewish World Review can be found at

 Excerpts:    [Bolding is mine]

Israel is tired of being stiffed.

The West continues to ply the Arabs of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem with hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Yet they still can’t afford to pay their electricity bill?

The east Jerusalem power company that supplies electricity to parts of the West Bank on Tuesday warned that its Israeli partner has threatened to cut supply over unpaid debts.  .  .  .

Palestinian government spokesman Ghassan Khatib acknowledged the issue, saying it was “a real problem, with political, economic and cultural dimensions.”  .  .  .

And he added that the PA’s failure to pay its portion of the outstanding debt to JDECO was the result of a crippling deficit that the government says is due to undelivered aid pledges.

The Palestinian government has in recent months struggled to pay its employees on time and warned that it faces a major crisis as donor countries fail to make good on pledged funds.

[End of excerpts]

Maybe if they bought fewer rockets and gave less money to equip, feed and house quasi-military terrorists?


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