Black Pastors to Fight Democratic Platform?

14 Aug

Another bit of insight from the black conservative activist Star Parker.  Excerpts from a recent column entitled “Black Pastors Press Democrats on Gay Marriage”. 

 Excerpts:  [Bolding is mine]



Support for same-sex marriage is now in the Democratic Party preliminary platform. Once approved by the full platform committee and voted on at the convention, same-sex marriage will have the party’s formal support.

But as Democrats institutionalize their support for same sex-marriage, their relationship with the party’s most loyal constituency, black Americans, becomes increasingly uneasy.

A new survey just released by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life shows 65 percent of Democrats support same-sex marriage compared to just 40 percent of blacks.

A group of 3,700-plus black pastors, the Coalition of African-American Pastors .  .  .  has moved to formally oppose the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama on this issue.

.  .  .  .   petition .  .  . calls for Obama “to repudiate his assertion that gay marriage is a civil right.”

These black pastors are not in the business of politics, nor are they policy wonks. They are driven by commitment to biblical truths .  .  .  .

They don’t see biblical truths as academic points divorced from the practical realities of life. They see them as the rules that sustain life.  .  .  .
Research abounds showing the importance of intact traditional family life in the academic success of children and of overall economic health.

.  .  .  individuals who follow three rules — complete at least high school, work full time and wait until age 21 and get married before having a baby — have a 2 percent chance of winding up in poverty and a 72 percent chance of being in the middle class.

Since the 1960s, American family life in general has deteriorated with the departure from traditional values and the concomitant growth in government and the welfare state.

But deterioration of black family life has been the most pronounced.

In 2008, according to a Pew Research Center report, 32 percent of black adults were married, compared to 61 percent in 1960.

These black pastors understand that collapse of family, out-of-wedlock births, single-parent households, promiscuity, drugs and crime are the crises undermining black physical and economic health today.  .  .  .

They understand that the weakest communities — their own communities — are the most vulnerable.  .  .  .

 It’s high time for blacks to serve up some black tea to the Democratic Party, as the Tea Partiers are doing with Republicans, and move to change the values and direction of the party they have loyally supported but that no longer represents their interests.

[End of Excerpts]

 Your thoughts?


4 Responses to “Black Pastors to Fight Democratic Platform?”

  1. NotAScientist August 14, 2012 at 10:51 am #

    “These black pastors understand that collapse of family, out-of-wedlock births, single-parent households, promiscuity, drugs and crime are the crises undermining black physical and economic health today. . . ”

    And none of which has anything to do with gay couples getting married.

    • illero August 14, 2012 at 11:12 am #

      Hey! Good point! Thanks for writing. In my effort to reduce the necessary reading, I cut out the part where the Coalition specifically addresses gay marriage to be anti-Biblical and an undermining influence on the other things things they were concerned about. Kind of lost the original train of thought there. Sorry. I feel that your comment, knowing this, still would not change, but that’s what “opinion” is all about. Thanks for visiting.

      • NotAScientist August 14, 2012 at 11:16 am #

        ” I feel that your comment, knowing this, still would not change”

        Well, yes and no. I agree that homosexuality is anti-biblical for those who take a conservative view of their religion. I just don’t see how that matters in a country that isn’t a theocracy.

      • illero August 14, 2012 at 1:55 pm #

        Here’s my view. Not being a theocracy does not mean that a nation does not need a solid moral foundation in order to thrive. The perception is that, with all the breakdowns mentioned by this group of pastors, our moral underpinnings are being washed out from under us. As the gay marriage issue is highly visible these days, and if support of same is even to become a part of their party’s platform, they are taking a stand on this issue as an issue indicative of the straying from our Christian-based moral fundamentals.

        And I suppose I can see that if you felt strongly about the traditional definition of marriage as found in the Bible, expressing formal support for changing that definition to accommodate a life style that also is out of sync with the Bible could be seen as just as serious an attack on morality as if the Dems had included support for adultery (as an example) as a formal part of their platform.

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