Did the Prez Really Say This?

27 Jul

So Obama really did say, “AK-47s should be in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals.”

Let’s get by the fact that U.S. soldiers don’t normally use the Russian-designed AK-47.  A gaffe, a misinformed staffer, whatever.  It makes the president look ignorant, but both Democrat and Republican candidates are showing a lot of ignorance.

But WHAT IN THE WORLD IS OBAMA SAYING?  Is this Obama’s policy statement on guns?  See how neatly he passes over whether or not he thinks AK-47s belong in the hands of regular American citizens?  Smooth.

 By the way, I saw (or heard), an interesting statistic the other day.  We all know that more murders in the U.S. are committed by people with handguns than by people with rifles.  But did you know that fewer murders were committed with rifles and shotguns than with hands, fists, or feet?  Surprising.

 These are the FBI stats from 2009:

  • Murders total – 13636
  • Murders with handguns – 6452 (47.32%)
  • Murders with rifles – 348 (2.55%)
  • Murders with shotguns – 418 (3.07%)
  • Murders with unknown firearms – 1928 (14.14%)
  • Murder with knives or cutting instruments – 1825 (13.38%)
  • Murders with other weapons – 1864 (13.67%)
  • Murders with hands, fists, feet etc.. – 801 (5.87%)

Anything interesting jump out at you?


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