Colorado Allows the Carrying of Guns in Cars

20 Jul

A terrible thing happened in Aurora, CO last night.  We shed prayers and tears for the dead and their families.  And we wonder at the bestiality of people who commit these atrocities.

But here’s a comment (not word for word) that I heard a network news announcer float out over the airwaves this morning.  He said something like “It’s legal to carry guns in cars in Colorado”.

Now — Can you think of a dumber response to the cowardly act perpetrated by this monster?  Does ANYone believe that this guy would have been thwarted in his murderous plan if Colorado DID have a law against carrying guns in a car?  Can you picture this demented mind going, “Oops!  I forgot.  Dangit!  I can’t use my car to take my guns to the theater ’cause it’s against the law.  And I sure don’t want to break any laws.  Wait!  I can still take a knife.  Plan on!”

By the way — I know something that might decrease the number of these types of sub-human acts.  Just make sure that every media reference to the perpetrator refers to him/her in derisive terms:  stupid, monster, deranged, cowardly, beastly, low-life, sub-human, creep, etc., etc.   Such constant references shaming him/her and his/her family just might possibly deter some attention seekers from committing such immoral (or worse, amoral) acts — where’s the glory in being constantly refered to as a low-life cowardly creep?

Other ideas?


One Response to “Colorado Allows the Carrying of Guns in Cars”

  1. Joseph Edward Wages July 20, 2012 at 9:14 am #

    A recent quote, approximately “I fail to see how taking the means of self-defense from law-abiding citizens will make them safer”. I believe it might have been the governor of Fla. who said that.

    A pertinent thought, a cliche, but very true “when guns are outlawed only the outlaws will have guns”.

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