Ann Romney Is Right on the Money (So to Speak)

19 Jul

Saw another great interview of Ann Romney this morning — and I think it was on ABC’s “Good Morning America”.

The interviewer tried to trap her with the question about why Mitt won’t release more tax returns (even though there is no legal requirement for him to do so).

And Ann NAILED it.  I am not quoting, but she said what we all know — that this is a fishing expedition to find something — anything — that will divert attention away from Obama’s record.   Mitt is a very successful businessman and, no doubt, his tax returns are quite complex.  So complex, in fact, that it would be relatively easy for even you and me to find something to distort and fill up the airwaves for a while.  Meanwhile, the Dems don’t have to answer for the sorry performance of their programs.

Did I hear Mitt himself, though, say that he’d release his returns as soon as Obama unsealed his college records?  Maybe that was someone else.


One Response to “Ann Romney Is Right on the Money (So to Speak)”

  1. Joseph Edward Wages July 21, 2012 at 9:23 am #

    To release or not release is purely a personal and campaign decision. No law, no rule, not even any good sense is involved. Ann is exactly right.

    But, Mitt must make the political decision. I’m with Mitt. The IRS has Mitt’s return. If he has violated any rules they will take care of it. Otherwise it is obviously Mitt’s prerogative.

    I wouldn’t release mine. But, for different reasons. I would be ashamed of how little I make.

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