Message to Mitt — “Do you have what it takes?”

17 Jul

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Obama to Mitt, “stop whining”. Quixote to Mitt, “cut it out Mitt, makes you look stupid”.

Mitt, this is not a game of tidily winks. It’s not even a prize fight. It is more akin to a duel to the death. The death of our nation that is. And even in a prize fight, I have yet to see a contender stop and ask his opponent to apologize.

The question to you from Quixote is this, “do you have what it takes to K O Obama”. Don’t let him manage your campaign. There is more than enough out there to put him on the canvas.

He came out of Chicago. His close associates were crooks. He has revealed absolutely nothing pertinent about himself. He has run the most secretive administration in recent years, maybe ever. He has broken ever campaign promise he made in his  run for the presidency. He has done a terribly bad job of running the country. He has ruined our reputation abroad. He has squandered the TARP money for no results. He worsened our economy. There are fewer people working today than when he took office even though he claims to have created millions of jobs.

You have supposedly, trained and capable political strategists. If what they have demonstrated thus far is the best they can come up with, you had better replace them.

And, what the heck are you going to do when elected? Do you have a plan? Can you communicate that plan to the voting public? Fifty-nine points ain’t gonna cut it. I’ll bet even you can’t recite them without notes.

In a few sentences, in 14 point type, on one sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 double spaced, just what the heck are you gonna do. Maybe  you should talk to ole Herman. You know the 9-9-9 man.

But absolutely “no more whining”.


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