Of Gardens and Pig Sties

6 Jul

The following quote is attributed to Max Lucado.  I think I have only read one of his books, but perhaps I should read more of them.

 “The longer we walk in the garden, the more likely we are to smell like flowers.  The more we immerse ourselves in grace, the more likely we are to give grace.”

 I think the converse of this is also true — unfortunately.  That might go something like this:

 The longer we trudge through the pigsty, the more likely we are to smell like – well – what settles on us from a pigsty.  The more we immerse ourselves in dishonesty, self-interest, and deceit, the more likely we are to make self-serving, sub-optimal, even catastrophic, decisions that can prove tragic for ourselves and others.

This concept screams for the need for term limits for Congress.  I believe that the vast majority of the men and women who get elected to the halls of Congress for the first time honestly think that they can change things, that they can help the Congress be more productive and more responsive to the real needs of America.  But they get there, find that the garden they imagined was actually replaced by a pigsty long before they arrived, and they soon take on the stench of the pigsty themselves.  Then this becomes a never-ending and ever-worsening cycle.

 We really need term limits . .  .  .


2 Responses to “Of Gardens and Pig Sties”

  1. Joseph Edward Wages July 6, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

    Once I was opposed to term limits. I thought that as the electoral process brought every office holder up for approval on a regular basis the people could make that choice. Who knows, you might get a good one and want to keep him for a while. In an ideal world this would be true.

    But,the realness of the world we live in, and given human nature, and given the fact that those in power can use that power to reward those who blindly support them. And, given that more citizens today are takers from the pie than are contributors to the pie. I have changed my tune.

    I now support a two term limit for all offices. With that plan , we may occasionally retire a good officeholder early. And, there may be some inefficiencies in getting a good new officeholder started, but the benefits far, far, out way the loss.

    • illero July 6, 2012 at 3:41 pm #

      I used to feel the same way — we’d hate to lose a really good congressman to term limits. But, on balance, I’m actually more afraid of losing American exceptionalism while our congressmen “fiddle”.

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