Misleading Political Rhetoric Uniquely American?

28 Jun

I have posted at least three items pertaining to misleading political rhetoric in America.  One might think, because we are a rather clever people, that this could be a uniquely American pastime.  Au contraire.

 In the Netherlands, there is/was a political party with the name Party for Neighborly Love, Freedom, and Diversity.

 Care to guess what the platform contained?

 It is/was a party to further the cause of – pedophilia and child pornography.  They wanted to lower the age of consent for sex to 12, as well as legalize child porn.  Yes, this party has been around a few years (since 2006) and actually has/had a website.

The Dutch courts just finally overcame their “tradition of liberality”, and shut this group down.  And has requested shutdown of the web site.

 The party’s chairperson is considering an appeal.

 On the other hand, perhaps I should not have been tempted to think of misleading political rhetoric as uniquely American.  All we have to do is review the full names of all the nations in the world, compare them to the actual conditions within those nations, and we will see many glaring anomalies between rhetoric and reality.


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