Hey! Republicans! The Arizona Ruling Is a LOSS

26 Jun

For crying out loud!  Not only are we apparently not allowed to support ANYthing that the “other side” proposes anymore, but we can’t admit defeat on any issue.

Both sides claiming victory on the Arizona ruling?  Come on, people!  The Supreme Court effectively took all the enforcement teeth out of the Arizona law, leaving only the ability to report illegals to an agency that isn’t going to do anything about it, and Republicans want to claim victory?

Instead, why not express appreciation for the strong contributions of legal immigrants from places south, and build on the fact that most Americans still support strong laws against illegal immigration?  Why not emphasize that tolerance of illegal immigration actually hurts those Latinos who are here legally and, especially, those who WANT to enter the U.S. legally?

Why must EVERY issue turn into a partisan head-banger?

I think Republicans could have made hay by embracing what Obama was proposing regarding young illegal immigrants, making it clear that this provision would have likely been a part of a Republican overall-reform proposal that could have LEGALLY been considered by Congress, instead of brought out as a political pandering ploy (PPP)?  A temporary Order, at that?  And if we really DON’T like this provision, can we not express sympathy for the affected group, while making hay out of the fact that we are adding a million people to the already-large group of Americans who are vying for a limited number of jobs in the U.S.?

Are we so conditioned to partisanship that we now MUST attack EVERYthing that comes forth from the opposition, whether it seems reasonable or not?


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