Being Against Obama Is Being Racist?

25 Jun


Michael Barone is a political analyst for the Washington Examiner, and a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.  He just wrote a piece called “Obama Backers Use Race as Alibi for Ebbing Support”.  I thought it was an excellent essay.  You can find the entire essay at

Here are excerpts from that piece.   [Bold highlights added by me; content in brackets [] added by me]

As Barack Obama’s lead over Mitt Romney in the polls narrows,  .   .   . it’s alibi time for some of his backers.    

His problem, they say, is that some voters don’t like him because he’s black. Or they don’t like his policies because they don’t like having a black president.  .   .   .   

So, you see, if you don’t like Obamacare, it’s not because it threatens to take away your health insurance, or to deny coverage for some treatments. It’s because you don’t like black people.    

This sort of thing seems to be getting more frequent, or at least more open.    .   .   .

There’s an obvious problem with the racism alibi. Barack Obama has run for president before, and he won. Voters in 2008 knew he was black. Most of them voted for him. He carried 28 states and won 365 electoral votes.    

Nationwide, he won 53 percent of the popular vote.  .   .   .  [I]t’s a higher percentage than any Democratic nominee except Andrew Jackson, [FDR] and Lyndon Johnson.    

That means President Obama won a larger percentage of the vote than   .   .   .  John Kennedy  .   .   .  and .   .   .  Bill Clinton.    

Now it is true that you can go out in America and find people who would just never vote for a black person. But it’s a lot harder than it was a generation or two ago  .   .   .   .    

And you can probably find some people who usually vote for Democrats but would not vote for a black Democrat. But not very many of them   .   .   . 

My own view is that such voters were more than counterbalanced by voters who felt that, as an abstract proposition in the light of our history, it would be a good thing for Americans to elect a black president.   .   .   .   

I think there is a similar   .   .   .   factor working for Obama this year: Many voters feel, as an abstract proposition, that it would be a bad thing for American voters to reject the first black president.  .   .   .  

What’s remarkable about our politics in 2008 and today is that most voters seem to be making their decisions based on their assessment of the issues and the character of the candidates.    

The fact that some have, at least for the moment, moved away from supporting Obama to opposing him, or remain unsure, reflects not an increasing racism, but the fact that we simply have more information than we had four years ago.  

[End of Excerpts]

I agree – how about you?


2 Responses to “Being Against Obama Is Being Racist?”

  1. quinersdiner June 25, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

    The only way liberals can argue is to accuse those who disagree with them as being haters. That’s what you do when you can’t present a solid argument for your candidate. As a typical conservative, I would wager most of my fellow conservatives would vote for a Thomas Sowell, Bobby Jindal, or Walter Williams if given a chance, because we like their philosophy. Doesn’t matter if they’re black, white, or purple, it’s the ideas that count. Liberals are out of ideas. That’s their problem. Nothing they touch works.

  2. illero June 26, 2012 at 1:28 am #

    Sowell is pretty much my ideological hero — Williams is not far behind. Recently read two of Sowell’s published collections of essays. Now I’m reading them again. The man just makes such good sense — and without needing to yell.

    I have a 6/22 post called “Racial Double Standard . . . .”, based upon an essay by Walter Williams that I thought was excellent.

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