Is It Bad to Be Rich, Or Just Bad to Be Republican?

23 Jun

With all the noise Democrats and the media have made about Romney’s wealth, I don’t recall such bluster and hand-wringing over the Kennedy fortune — or, for that matter, John Kerry’s. Or over the fact that John Kerry gave virtually nothing to charity while Romney gave something on the order of $4 million (2010 and 2011 combined) — in addition to Romney donating his entire inheritance from his  father.

But .   .   .   .  

Romney is Republican.

Kerry and the Kennedys are Democrats.

Also noteworthy is that Romney worked for his money.

Kennedy inherited the bulk of his – a great deal of which was made by his father engaging in illegal activities.
And Kerry (who knew?) would have been the third richest U.S. President in history, had he been elected.  Not only did he make a “decent” living, but he was also the beneficiary of four major trusts, and married into wealth – multiple times.

 A bit of a double standard being applied here by the media and others?


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