What’s Wrong with Obama’s Immigration Plan?

22 Jun

The below link gives an excellent presentation of some of the pitfalls in Obama’s recent pander to Latinos.


 These are the key Headings in that piece:

 1.      It’s illegal (handing out work permits for illegal immigrants requires the force of a law – from Congress, the maker of laws)

2.      Refusing to enforce the existing law sets a terrible precedent  (Obama swore in oath to uphold the laws of the United States – what happens if other presidents after him decide to simply stop enforcing whatever they don’t like?)

3.      This is a temporary solution designed to be a permanent fix  (next president can simply end the Order – what happens to these people then, after admitting that their parents are illegals?)

4.      There is no realistic way to verify the program (phony documents abound)

5.      Billing this as a way to help children is a dodge (the target population are adults)

6.      This will encourage illegal immigration (just need to get back-dated phony documentation)

7.      Americans will lose jobs (800,000+ more young men and women vying for jobs)

 My thanks to fellow blogger http://quixotetilts.blogspot.com/ for the link above.

 You agree?  Disagree?


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