A Small Victory Against Public-Sector Unions

22 Jun

The U.S. Supreme Court just ruled that public-sector unions cannot take special fees from “dissenting members” or “nonmembers” for the purpose of effecting political action.  The challenge was brought against the SEIU by some “dissenters” who had had additional fees taken out of their pay a few years back.

 “This aggressive use of power by the SEIU to collect fees from nonmembers is indefensible,” said Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., speaking for the court’s majority. “When a public-sector union imposes a special assessment or dues increase, the union … may not exact any funds from nonmembers without their affirmative consent.”

“This case is pretty revolutionary because it says we’re moving from an opt-out system to an opt-in system,” said Paul Secunda, a law professor at Marquette University in Milwaukee. “It will make it harder for unions to raise money and fight for their values.”

 Full text of the article I used as source may be found at




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