Now I Have to Love the National Anthem, too?

8 Jun

Enough is enough, already!

Today I heard a conservative commentator rip into some guy (a liberal, of course) for having dared to say he didn’t like the Star Spangled Banner as our national anthem.  I mean, you would have thought that the guy had committed high treason.  [Note:  The commentator’s initials were NOT RL.]

I am so sick and tired of both liberals and conservatives taking every little harmless statement and twisting it to fit or challenge a point of ideology.

Listen Up, conservatives!  This conservative joins with the liberal under attack in not liking the Star Spangled Banner.  Never have liked it.  Feel like whoever chose it for our national anthem way back in the 1930s should have looked around a little bit more.  And I don’t think disliking this poem/song makes me a traitor to either my country or the conservative ideology.

Get over it!

And while I’m at it, I also do NOT believe that Bill Clinton’s statement that Romney carries strong credentials for a run at the presidency represents an endorsement of Romney for president.  Can’t we just let some statements sit on their own merits, without always trying to fit our own words between the lines?

What are your thoughts?


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