Fair Pay Act — Revisited

8 Jun

It seems to me that many still miss the point on the Fair Pay Act. This Act does not try to ensure equal pay for women in the same job — we already have that law, and HAVE had for 50 years (the Equal Pay Act of 1963). What the so-called Fair Pay Act does is define this new [and I think unmanageable] category called “equivalent job“. This means that if this Act had passed, jobs would now have to be defined in terms of skill sets, and all jobs requiring what some bureaucrat has decided are “equivalent” skill sets would have to pay the same. In my opinion, a GROSS intrusion into the working of supply and demand on labor.  Another great idea for control of the economy brought to us by the Democratic Party.

Furthermore, the new Act has provisions that disallow reducing pay due to applying the “equivalent job” policy.  So if I have two “equivalent” jobs, one with 50 people, and one with only one person, and that job now pays a slightly higher wage,  I can’t reduce the one person’s wage, I have to increase the wage of the other 50.  [At least, that’s how I understand it from reading on a SUPPORTING website.]

This would be real trouble for employers and build a whole new bureaucracy.  But the Democrats are happy to cry out about the Republicans’ “war on women” for having done the right thing in helping defeat the new Act.

Where will all of this end?


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