Wisconsin Recalls, etc.

6 Jun

I was exceptionally pleased that the Wisconsin voters declared FOR fiscal responsibility over union/Democratic-Party thug-ism.  Maybe this victory for fiscal responsibility will inspire other states to get their houses in order — could it inspire the federal government to get ITS house in order?  Nah — I doubt it.

Excerpts from the Weekly Standard:  [Bolding is mine]

“Remember how this whole thing started. Early last year, when Walker proposed his budget, Democratic state senators fled the state to keep it from coming to a vote. While union members were staging sit-ins and protests in the state capitol, the actual elected representatives of the people of Wisconsin were hiding in Illinois . . . . that’s just insane.

“But it was just the beginning. Instead of recognizing that they had a losing hand, making the best of it, and regrouping, Wisconsin Democrats kept doubling down. They went to court just to keep the budget bill from being published. Then they went to court to dispute the bill . . . .  Then, when they lost at the state supreme court, they tried to recall the supreme court judges who voted against them. When they lost those recall votes, they tried to recall the governor himself.

“Remember, we’re not talking about , , , a bunch of activists here. We’re talking about the actual Democratic party professionals—the men and women who get paid to be ruthlessly clear-eyed about political reality. What they’ve done over the last 18 months constitutes political malpractice. . . .

“You expect that sort of thing from activists and partisans. The professionals are supposed to know better. In Wisconsin, they didn’t.”

I couldn’t agree more.  This was, simply put, just a power grab by the public unions and the Democratic politicians.  Fortunately, in spite of the Herculean effort put forth by those entities, the people’s common sense won out in the end.

Someone want to give a different view?


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