Can Moral Issues be Separated from Economic Issues?

5 Jun

Star Parker, the well-known black conservative activist, recently wrote the following as part of an op-ed piece she wrote abouot morality, secularism, and abortion rights.  [In this article, she points out that a plurality of Americans have moral issues with abortion, and that over 13 million abortions per year have been performed in China under the “one child policy”.  [Bolding is mine.}

Those who insist that social and moral issues constitute an agenda separate and apart from economic issues should consider why socialist societies are secular, atheist societies. We need not be limited to looking at China and the former Soviet Union to appreciate this. On display today is the tragic collapse of Europe, now largely secular, under the burdens of the unsustainable welfare state it has created.

“It is societies that respect both life and property, societies in which the mystery of life is revered and respected, that nurture a culture of personal responsibility that make a free and prosperous nation possible.”

Any thoughts to add?


One Response to “Can Moral Issues be Separated from Economic Issues?”

  1. Joseph Edward Wages June 5, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

    Well said. Nothing to add

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