Eric Holder at It Again . . . .

4 Jun

So now Holder wants to stop Florida from cleaning up its voter registration rolls.  What will it be next? 

He apparently personally stopped the prosecution from going forward with a case in regard to voter intimidation by the New Blank Panthers.

He has arrogantly defied a legal subpoena for documents about “Fast and Furious”.

He is out there gathering black pastors together to make sure they have the Democratic Party line with regard to lies about conservatives.

Etc., etc.

Would someone please defend this guy?  To me, it looks like we need a way to recall him.


One Response to “Eric Holder at It Again . . . .”

  1. Joseph Edward Wages June 4, 2012 at 8:56 pm #

    I think impeach would work. The Republican house could do it. The senate would never convict him but impeaching him might clip his wings a little.

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