Open-Mindedness — the Domain of the Liberal?

31 May

I read the article about Walter Cronkite in Newsweek last week, and this week I read the response from his son (or grandson?) in the “Letters”.  The point that the “son” made that really caught my attention was this:

“Admitting to a liberal philosophy (which he [Walter] defined as something akin to open-mindedness) . . . .  His liberal radio editorials were evidence of openness, no?”

I know you’re going to say I read too much into this, but I was led to wonder if the reason why liberals seem to look down on conservatives is that liberals feel the liberal viewpoint is the open-minded viewpoint, while conservatives are not open-minded.  Might this explain, for example why those darn Republicans in Congress won’t come around to the “obviously” correct way of thinking with regard to debt ceilings, balanced budgets, oil production, taxation, etc.?  The Reps just aren’t open-minded?

If so, this is certainly a great conceit on the part of Democrats.

To sort of skewer a well-known saying, we conservatives are plenty open-minded, we just haven’t become so open-minded that our brains have fallen out.

Your thoughts?


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