The Problem Is Not with Student Loans

25 May

This is what happens when our colleges and universities play to government money and contrived rankings.

Basically, unqualified students (in the name of diversity), rigged rankings (by lying about SAT scores, as well as rigging acceptance rates), and higher costs for students and parents (which ALWAYS results from government trying to direct outcomes, but which is assisted by requirements to achieve higher rankings).

Our problem is not that we have to help students afford loans — the real problem is that colleges and universities have no incentive to hold costs and charges down.  And government largesse and programs just exacerbate the problem.


But ALL institutes of higher learning are forced to play the game, to some extent.  We need to change the mindset in America to make more use of “teaching colleges” than “prestige colleges”.

This might also help the student loan problem – costs are generally lower at “teaching colleges”.


One Response to “The Problem Is Not with Student Loans”

  1. Joseph Edward Wages May 25, 2012 at 5:04 pm #

    The root problem is the government sponsored student loan program. This is unfortunate because many students have benefited. But, it has wrecked the system. And, is largely responsible for the unbelievable costs to attend college now

    The results are diplomas that are useless financed by loans that the debtor can’t pay off in a lifetime.

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