How Does He Get Away with It??

24 May

Two foundational elements of Obama’s campaign are Romney’s overall qualifications for the office of the presidency, and the damage that a Bain Capital (or venture capitalists, in general) can do to the economy.

1.  Take experience:  How in the WORLD can Obama criticize Romney’s qualifications for the job when Obama himself had less than 10% of Romney’s experience when he had the audacity to run for President in 2008?

2.  And take Bain:  How in the WORLD can Obama criticize the restructuring work of Bain Capital when restructuring is EXACTLY what Obama did when he bailed out GM and Chrysler?  They shuttered plants, laid off thousands of workers (not just  in GM and Chrysler, but up and down the supply chain), and took the companies through a bankruptcy and restructuring.  The difference being that Obama managed to pander to the unions, and use taxpayer money to effect the bail-out — money we will probably never see.

How does Obama get away with this kind of campaigning?????


One Response to “How Does He Get Away with It??”

  1. Joseph Edward Wages May 24, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

    It is real easy when you have the national media in your pocket.

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