A Nation on the Brink of Ruin?

24 May

I was reminded this morning by a fellow personal blogger at http://quixotetilts.blogspot.com that our democratic republic is on the brink of disaster in yet another way.   Our vote-seekers have been so generous with our taxpayer dollars that we are now in the position that the number of receivers of government [taxpayer] dollars may now exceed the number of contributors.

I have not personally verified this, but if you consider all the people who get taxpayer dollars in one form or another — welfare recipients, SNAP recipients,  Earned Income Credit, child assistance, housing assistance, Social Security recipients, Medicare recipients, Medicaid recipients, dozens of other programs, even federal government employees and pensioners — more and more people are dependent in varying, but significant,  degrees on the government payout, and it is not difficult to see that this is at least approaching, if not exceeding, the number of those who receive no direct support from the government.

So what, we say?

Well, the argument goes that such dependency is bad for the country in many ways.  Three significant ways are 1) the stifling of personal initiative and personal responsibility, 2) the conflict of interest that results from these dependents wanting to vote themselves MORE benefits — in other words, they become a voting block for whoever will promise them “more”, and 3) from a purely financial standpoint, WE CAN’T AFFORD IT!

What I am most afraid of (and the word “afraid” is very appropriate here) is that this mindset will literally destroy our prosperity, our way of life.  The danger of this situation has been foretold many times over the decades, even centuries, by people a lot smarter than I am, but we close our eyes to the approaching disaster.

Most recently, the Democratic Party seems to be the party most open to pushing this danger to the limit, vilifying anyone who speaks out in favor of reducing this dependency of the citizenry.  However, it has taken a joint “effort” to get us to this very scary point. 

I pray every day for our elected leaders — that they might be inspired to see and internalize the dangers lurking ahead, and that they might find, somewhere buried deeply within them, the honesty, integrity, and courage to deal appropriately with these issues before it is too late.  This is asking a lot, I know.

Step 1, in my book, is to get back to a balanced budget within five to ten years, and force adherence to this principle ongoing.

What are your thoughts?


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