I’m Against Gay Marriage — and I’m Not Wrong

23 May

I really get tired of people charging opponents of gay marriage with being homophobic bigots and on the wrong side of what is, to them, a tremendously important moral issue. 

I was kind of put over the top on my tolerance for this issue as an issue when I saw a blurb from someone in the latest issue of Newsweek.   Here’s what she said: “This article [the article about Obama coming out in favor of same-sex marriage] affirms both the moral correctness of the president’s decision as well as his integrity.”

Put aside for the moment Obama’s total lack of integrity on not just this issue over the past several years, but on many issues, including his demonizing of venture capitalists, a key to the success of the greatest economic engine the world has ever seen.

What really gets to me is the assertion that the pro-same-sex-marriage stance is clearly the morally correct position in this disagreement.  That all-too-frequent position of liberals, that conservatives simply lack enlightenment, is the epitome of arrogance. 

I’m sorry, but I think homosexuality is an aberration in nature, to whatever extent it comes “naturally”.  That does NOT mean that I am a homophobic bigot.  I have no problem with people working out their own lives, and protecting the physical and civil rights of all. 

But I also look upon marriage as a “sacred” commitment between a man and a woman, a cornerstone of civilization from time immemorial,  I believe that the breakdown in morality and commitment has already greatly undermined this institution — the importance of this institution — resulting in high divorce rates, a superfluity of single parent households, and a fearful degradation of the family as a nurturing, encouraging unit in support of new generations of Americans.

So don’t tell me that I am on the wrong side of a moral issue just because you think I am.  My morality is no less “correct” than that of the gay and liberal communities.  And making something into law does not give it moral high ground, either — it just makes it the law.  Example:  Roe v Wade — forty years later, there is still a great moral divide among Americans.  That you oppose the Roe v Wade decision doesn’t make you wrong — it just puts you on the wrong side of the law.

But if we think that all it takes is a law to define morality, perhaps we should discuss the laws in effect in many Muslim-dominated nations, where it is, for example, codified that drawing a picture of what Mohammed might look like is punishable by death.  Moral?  It certainly is to the Muslim leaders who mete out the punishment.

I’ve vented enough on this topic.  But I do think that many unintended, confusing, and unfortunate consequences will result from a general acceptance of same-sex marriage. 

By the way, I’m OK with defining some sort of civil union — I just want the time-honored definition of “marriage”, with all that implies, left alone. 

What do YOU think?


One Response to “I’m Against Gay Marriage — and I’m Not Wrong”

  1. Joseph Edward Wages May 24, 2012 at 12:49 am #

    I just saw a blurb on Fox about a poll (imagine that) results 53% of American favor gay marriage. Funny, but, hold on, I heard that 31 states have already amended their constitutions to block same sex marriage. And, only 6 states have made it legal. Seems a little one sided to me.

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