Are There Any Gay and Lesbian Republicans?

23 May

My last post brought to mind the question as to whether or not there are any gay and lesbian Republicans out there.  Of course, a simple Google search suggested the answer.

In the 2010 Congressional elections, CNN exit polls revealed that 31% of people who identified themselves as homosexual voted Republican.  31%!  I don’t know about you, but I was shocked.

The rationale that gay Republican organizations use is, to their GREAT credit, that there are larger issues challenging America than gay rights issues.  Yes, they wish that Republicans were more openly supportive of the gay rights movement, but they have suppressed this very personal issue in the interest of protecting the U.S. on more broadly-important issues.

Meanwhile, they continue to try to influence decision-makers on issues specifically important to gays and lesbians.  Now this is the way the way the system should work.

Who knows how Obama’s “timely” declaration in favor of gay marriage will influence this balance?


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