Is Rev. Wright Relevant?

18 May

I say “Yes”.  But not necessarily as a 2012 campaign issue.  The best time for people to have thought through Obama’s long association with Rev. Wright’s foul, anti-American, racist message was four years ago, when we should have put that association in context with other associations and looked skeptically at whether or not this person was who we wanted as president of the greatest nation the earth has ever seen.

They say that if you want to know a man’s character, you look at his associations and his actions/accomplishments.  Obama strikingly failed those tests for me four years ago, and his performance —  his failed policies (prolonging the recovery), his taking us to the brink of financial ruin, his feeling that he outranks the two houses of Congress, his attacks on the most successful among us — effectively, his attacks on the very economic system that made us great  — all of these , and more, confirm what we all should have seen much earlier.

Is Wright relevant?  Sure — but just as a prior indicator of what is already upon us.


2 Responses to “Is Rev. Wright Relevant?”

  1. Joseph Wages May 19, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

    Right, and it is relevant to illustrate the fact that our media is totally biased and unreliable for decision makimg. All of this should have been put before us in 2008 (not that it would have changed my vote in the least).I bemoan the fact that elections are bought in our country by expenditures with the media. But, whatcha gonna do?

    • illero May 19, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

      Reminds me that many of our country’s earliest elections were bought with booze and food . . . . at the polling places. But at least every candidate had the option of participating. Today, I think it’s the sheer DOMINANCE of liberal ideology in the popular media that throws things off kilter. Pretty scary. Obama can get a self-supporting message onto the national "airwaves" any time he wants to . . . and he wants to so often.

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