The “Right” to Medical Care

15 May

There was a “letter to the editor” published in our local newspaper a couple of weeks ago in which the writer went for some length insisting that we have a RIGHT to good medical care in this country, from birth to death.  I found myself disappointed that we have “evolved” to a point where we cease to appreciate that the relative prosperity our system of democratic republicanism has brought us has blinded us (in my opinion, of course) to the realization that we are greatly PRIVILEGED to have good medical care at our disposal. 

 Now, I agree that other than having a strong faith in God, there may be nothing more precious to us than our health.  [Some may argue, however, that the macro-topics of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” can trump good health – I’m not sure.]

 But it seems to me that there is something subtly and morally undermining, something damaging to the vigor of our culture, when something we should be greatly APPRECIATIVE of turns into a “right”.  It’s kind of like the entitlement mentality, isn’t it, that impresses itself upon so many of our poorer citizens and holds them back, in many cases, from taking personal initiative to grab a bigger part of the “American Dream”?

 Anyone want to set me straight on this?


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