Voter ID

30 Apr

This morning, I had a service call from my cable company.  Guess what?  Before they would work in my house, I needed to show a government-issued ID.  The list is almost endless of the number of situations that arise that require us to show a government ID of some sort.  Even the cable company?

And yet — when it comes to pretty much the most sacred duty and right of an American citizen — voting — a great number of us — though a minority — believe we should not require an official ID when a person shows up to perform this duty.

The argument by Democrats/liberals is that such a requirement would effectively disenfranchise many people who, by this reasoning, do not have an ID and could not figure out a way to get an ID.  It is also being thrown out there that it is exceedingly difficult to even let people know that they need an ID.

Is there anyone out there that does not believe we could find a way to over-communicate this requirement?  And find a way to get anyone an ID who needs/wants one?  The government now has a marketing program to sign up more welfare recipients — don’t we think an effective campaign could be put together to ensure everyone knows how they can get a voter ID card?

I can’t help but think this is pure politics on the part of the Democrats.  They think that most of the people who wouldn’t get an ID are Democratic Party voters, and they can’t stand the thought of losing these voters.

Ironically, a strong campaign to contact people to get voter ID cards of some sort could actually aid Democrats — by simply bringing this topic to the forefront, they might see more of these people make an effort to vote.

A strong majority of people in the U.S. favor voter ID laws.  That must mean many Democrats do, as well as Republicans and Independents.  That must mean that most Americans are concerned about voting integrity, while Democratic politicians are only worried about vote counts. 

If all else fails, how about this?  We put the voter ID rules in place, but give voters a “bye” for one election cycle.  As they show up at the precinct, if they don’t have an ID, we advise them that they will need one NEXT election, and give them an easy procedure to follow to get one.  Problem solved?  [I’m sure there’s a way to deal with absentee voting.]

Your Thoughts?



2 Responses to “Voter ID”

  1. Joseph Edward Wages April 30, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

    And, of course it is much easier to cheat if no id is required. So …. draw your own conclusion as to the real reason voter id is opposed.

    But, there are those among us who seem to feel that anyone who walks in should be allowed to vote regardless of his citizenship or residency status.

    • illero April 30, 2012 at 2:55 pm #

      To your second paragraph — I have heard that, but can hardly believe it. Americans would really water down this most treasured of rights and responsibilities of citizens of our great republic by allowing non-citizens to vote? What remaining privileges would a citizen have? Why become a citizen at all?

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