Pro-Union NLRB at It Again

30 Apr

The latest obnoxiously-open pro-union action by the NLRB is to implement a rule the conservatives call “Ambush Elections”.   Supposedly taking effect today, it allows unions all the time they want to take to work behind the scenes to get support for unionization.  Then, when the unions feel fairly confident about their position, they apply to the NLRB to have an election, and the NLRB notifies the company that an election must be held WITHIN 10 DAYS!  This is designed to minimize the amount of time an employer has to develop a formal response to the unionization attempt.

Either I am misunderstanding this issue, or we have yet another example of this administration going out of its way to favor unions over America’s employers.

I wonder if such a small percent of the American people (7%) has ever before wielded such power with a president as today’s unions.

Can I hear from someone who wants to defend this new rule?


Please reply here -- I value your thoughts

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