Obama to Tap Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

30 Apr

Timing is everything.  First, the Democrats and Obama claim that an increased supply of oil will not bring gas prices down — nothing we can do in the short term will affect prices.  WHOA! Wait a minute!  Now, the White House wants to release oil from these strategic reserves, in the hopes that the price of gas will come down significantly before the election. [My conclusion.]

Oil should be released from the Strategic Reserve only in the event that America’s supplies of oil are in imminent danger of being shut off.  Significant shortages looming. 

Now, we are setting a precedent where, in a time when there is really enough oil on the market, a choice is being made to release oil for purely political purposes — for shaping a perception among the American people.

Terrible policy, terrible precedent for America.

My view.  Yours?


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