The U.N.’s Agenda 21

27 Apr

A contributor has asked for my thoughts about Agenda 21.  Agenda 21 is a UN action plan based upon studies that go way back into the 1980’s.  The “21” stands for 21st century.

From the UN – :

“It is a comprehensive blueprint of action to be taken globally, nationally, and locally by organizations of the UN, governments, and major groups in every area in which humans directly affect the environment.”

It is targeted at developing underdeveloped countries in an environmentally-friendly manner.  You can see the Agenda in all its lengthy glory by clicking the link above.

The UN is trying to get global support to implement action plans  that have been developed or are in development.  These plans cover a wide range of items related to the topics, and some “agreements” have been reached. [Look at Chapter 8 of the document, Major Agreements and Conventions to see a list of “agreed-upon” elements.  I use quotes because not all nations have agreed to all these items – including the United States.]

I do not have any special insight into the UN processes involved or the degree of true buy-in by the 180 or so nations making up the UN.  But I do have some feelingsa about the whole thing.

I suppose this is of interest because many conservatives see a sinister plot to form a world government, and many liberals see this a chance to do something positive for all mankind.

I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle.  There may be a few world-domination types in the UN, but the member nations are highly nationalistic, including the US.  The UN can’t FORCE the US to do anything, and the US has resisted some of the proposals.

However, the other side is that the question once again has to be asked – How often does a national government, much less an international body, execute a massive plan that turns out to be well run, productive, and profitable?  I’m not sure that all the foreign aid given to developing countries in the last 50 years has raised standards of living anywhere.

But the biggest obstacle to significant forward progress is simply the difference between cultures, forms of governments, religions, and economic models across all the countries which might have to agree on the implementation.

Take, for example, the “agreed-upon” Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a lofty document that perhaps few Americans would disagree with.  [Find it at ]  Unfortunately, the rights listed therein are not respected by most of the countries in the world, although they may have subscribed to them on the “agreement”.  Included are free speech, workers’ rights, women’s rights, education for all, free choice, a say in government, etc.  These run directly counter to many governments in this world today.

Bottom line:  I do find this activity troubling, because I do not trust the designs of very  powerful men, especially through an organization that is far from pro-American.  However, are they going to get REAL, ACTIONABLE agreement on anything significant in our lifetimes, much less form a world government?  I have serious doubts.

Can anyone shed more light on Agenda 21?  Anyone agree or disagree with me?


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