What became of “Too Big to Fail”?

25 Apr

I noticed a headline from Bloomberg/Business Week about “Too Big to Fail”.  Basically, a couple of years ago, Obama promised to “eliminate the danger of financial institutions that are too big to fail”.  But the largest banks are now bigger than ever, with the five largest holding a 30% higher share of the nation’s assets than they held five years ago.  They are twice as large as they were a decade ago, in relative terms.

I generally oppose intrusive, overly controlling government regulation.  However, this situation is appalling, and it is unbelievable and unconscionable that the Administration and Congress have not addressed this risk after what we have already gone through.  THE RISK TO OUR ECONOMY PERSISTS!

On this issue ALONE, I would support the replacement of Obama ASAP. [Of course, there are other issues, such as driving up the debt and making no serious effort to stop the growth.]

Am I taking this “Too Big to Fail” issue too seriously?


Please reply here -- I value your thoughts

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