Paying for Obama’s Campaign Trips

25 Apr

In my opinion, any third grader could look at the many trips/visits across the U.S. (weighted toward stops in swing states) Obama has made over the past several months and easily conclude that a disturbing number were calculated to be campaign trips/visits.  Latest figures I saw were that Obama has attended 123 fund raisers — Bush, in his 2004 re-election bid, had attended 58 in a comparable period of time.

No matter who the president is, I am truly offended at the spending of Americans’ tax dollars to support a president’s re-election campaign.  We get all upset over the spending of $800,000 of our money by the GSA to throw a party, but can you even begin to imagine how much money is spent flying Air Force One around the country, along with its extensive entourage, advance groups, hotels and food for all, etc., etc.?

I feel that Obama has made kind of an art form out of classifying what are obviously campaign trips as simply trips to sell a legislative program.  In fact, I can’t help but feel some disgust about it, given the deception behind the classification and the huge amounts of our money going out the door to pay for this activity.

Stop the GSA from spending $800,000 of our money wildly?  By all means.  But first, how about looking in the mirror and stopping the millions of dollars being charged to the American taxpayers for campaign trips?  Wouldn’t that maybe show that he understands that we are in a serious, perhaps critical, financial crunch in this country?


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