Obama’s “War on Religion”

25 Apr

I can’t help but agree that churches and church-related services organizations (like Catholic churches) should be protected from government decrees that run directly counter to the beliefs of the church, like providing contraceptives.

However — Is anyone else troubled by where this goes if the Catholic Church wins the latest battle in the war?  When we assert that the government cannot mess with the sincere, conscientious beliefs of a church or religion, are we not also saying that Islam and its sub-groups should be equally treated and protected?  Or any other religion, or religious faction, that has beliefs that are unpopular within the wider population?

Of course, the most extreme issue that comes up in this regard is Sharia  Law.  This law, as we hear about it,  is repulsive to most Americans.  Some states are even passing laws that specifically state that Sharia Law cannot be considered in court cases.  But — hey — it is a foundational part of a protected religion, isn’t it?

So — I don’t want the Catholic Church to have to provide contraceptives, but I also don’t want women stoned in our streets for breaking Sharia Law.

How do you feel about my dilemma?


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