Why Can’t We Balance the Federal Budget?

23 Apr

I know this question sounds simplistic.  Getting everyone on board with what spending needs to be reduced, and where, etc., seems like a daunting task.  And with the record of those folks in Congress and the White House, it is.

So — given that — and if we agree that SOMEthing must be done to balance the budget — I believe that the One Cent, or Penny plan, or whatever they call it, is really the most reasonable and fair way to proceed to balance the budget.

Essentially, this means we reduce spending by only 1% each year until the budget is balanced.  One Penny on the dollar each year.  Why, this could just about be taken care of through attrition.   It was proposed, as I recall, jointly by a Republican and Democrat in Congress.

But aside from attrition, who would really argue that there isn’t 1% waste and overlap and inefficiency in these government bureaus.  Those of us who have worked in government (including the military) have seen the waste and inefficiency, if not the overlap.

Some argue that 1% across the board would not take into account proper priorities.  But I would maintain that virtually ALL departments can stand a 1% per year drop in spending without their mission suffering.  Work harder.  Work smarter.  Like private industry needs to do to be successful.

Notice, though, that this is not a 1% reduction in projected spending — not the fake spending cuts that have been promised already, where the cut is simply a reduction of the projected increase.  No sir.  This is a 1% reduction from previous year’s actuals.

Would it hurt SOMEwhere?  Surely it would.  Especially in the third, fourth, etc. year.  But we are approaching a spending/solvency crisis in this country, and this solution would seem to be do-able.

How to effect this within the ever-growing entitlement programs?  Don’t know yet, although waste assuredly abounds in these programs, too.  I don’t claim to have all the answers.  I’m looking for constructive debate.


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