Obama’s Rule by Executive Fiat

23 Apr

On the news this morning, we once again heard that Obama promises to execute to his agenda with or without the Congress.  Now — I’m not so naive to think that no former president has done an end run around Congress — They probably ALL have.  But it seems like Obama is especially arrogant in his pronunciation that this is what he intends to do.

First, wasn’t he supposed to be the consensus president, the great healer  of the partisan divide?

Second, he speaks in a way that makes it appear that he actually thinks the Office of the President rules over Congress and the Supreme Court.  For being a constitutional expert, he seems ignorant of the fact that the three branches are CO-EQUALS, with the purpose of limitting each other’s powers, providing a sanity check, ensuring that one branch doesn’t run in a direction too far off track from what the American people want.

The election of 2010 should have given Obama a clue that the populace is NOT in tune with his agenda.  Yet he proposes to ignore that information.

He also blatantly disobeys the law of the land by appointing people to spots within his administration when those positions require Senate approval —  even though the Senate was, in fact, NOT in recess, and was performing business (though not quite business-as-usual).

What I really don’t understand is why the Congress doesn’t simply INSIST that Obama obey the law.  For example, simply don’t recognize his unlawfully appointed officers.  Or start another one of their famous investigations.

It is true that with his inability to work with Congress, not much will get done in the rest of his time in office.  BUT THAT IS THE WAY OUR SYSTEM IS DESIGNED TO WORK!  And it has worked well enough in the past to have watched the rise of the greatest, most powerful, most prosperous, and most generous nation the world has ever seen.

Rule by executive fiat seems just WRONG, no matter who the president is.  But Obama seems to be upping the ante.

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